Precious The Pig

I have been mentioning over and over again to Ken that I want to add different genetics to our pigs for a more hammier type pig. The pigs we have now grow more proportioned than some of the other breeds that grow disproportionate shoulders and butts. I believe we have a few females who are pregnant but I’m not one hundred percent sure. I will be able to tell in another month or so.

Ken came home from work one evening and mentioned an associate he works with was given a pig on a job site. Apparently, this pig was really mischievous and an escape artist. They could not keep her penned up and I’ll tell you what, I know why! If we did not have the electric netting she would have already escaped. She has been shocked hundreds of times and it doesn’t stop her from trying again. Sometimes I feel bad for her because she will touch the fence three or four times in a row while we are feeding. She’s a brute! Anyway, we came up with an agreement to split a litter from her and I’m not sure what he wants to do with her after but for now we are going to see how many piglets we get. He was told she was about 3 years old and that seems to be about right. She is very impressive but also really friendly.

She is going to add better genetics to our pigs and give us exactly what I was seeking. The best part is, we didn’t pay anything for her. He’s offered to help us with her feed bill and I believe that’s a fair deal. Im waiting for her to settle in first before I introduce her to our male. I didn’t want to overwhelm her being that she just moved and is in new surroundings.

I asked on my personal Facebook page for name suggestions. We got a lot of great name ideas and went with the suggestion of Precious. She is quite the Precious ham!

I got pictures of her from far, because I didn’t want her getting shocked on the fence. She always touches the fence when you approach her!

You can see the difference from our other mommas build to Precious. They are the same height but our pig is much leaner and proportional.

Precious is in good hands and we hope to keep her comfortable while she stays with us!

Until next time, God Bless!


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