Snow day on the homestead

It’s been excruciatingly cold outside after a fairly warmer November. We had high winds bring in a winter storm so It’s been in the teens for the past couple of nights. Four inches of snow came down on the first of December bringing us that winter wonderland feeling.

For the past week and a half we had been battling keeping our main LGD home. A neighbor with a couple of females who were in heat had him running away. We had to lock up our other LGD for that same reason and I am so sick of it. I made an appointment for him to get neutered and that’s when the snow came. It was such a mess getting him to the vet. I ended up having to use the stock trailer because as we all know, Great Pyrenees’ love snow. He was a muddy mess and I wasn’t going to bring him in my car like that. He ended up breaking the remaining window our trailer had intact. I felt horrible for him but I also don’t want to lose him to roaming for females. He is a dominant dog and I don’t want him fighting with neighboring dogs either. I was so embarrassed to have to pick him up TWICE, and once more after his neuter by the way! Thank goodness for good neighbors! I do hope this will stop the running away part. Ken and I have been a little disappointed of our LGD’s. They can be wonderful, then turn around and be useless. I know we made some mistakes but from what I understood they were not supposed to be a high maintenance breed. That turned out to be another lesson learned and we are going to need to figure out now to make it work having them. Or, find them more suitable homes. We desperately need to get our fences up! I really wish I would have neutered them sooner but I just didn’t think of it. Let’s see if he stays home!

The great news is the club car handles the snow well! Let’s see how it handles the muddy aftermath.

I did pick up straw for the animals. We were using pine shavings but I think the straw will be better. Pine shavings work great for the chickens but the goats and pigs‘ shelter need straw.

That’s pretty much all I have to say for our first snow day of December 2020!

Until next time, God Bless!


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