Manicured nails on the homestead?

Say what? Who in their right mind could possibly have manicured nails living on a homestead? That doesn’t sound right or possible! In my experience, it is downright impossible to keep my nails painted for more than a day let alone getting any length to them. After having children I immediately noticed my nails change. They became frail, breaking and bending easily. So, I keep them as short as possible all the time. I will paint my nails for my sewing photo shoots or special occasions but I know by the next day I will have chipped the nail polish somewhere.

I wash dishes, clean the house, cook, feed animals and occasionally have to use a hammer or drill. I carry buckets, open buckets, open and carry feed bags, carry or move hay bales, carry water hoses or water buckets. You get the point! I do a lot with my hands and there is just no way I could ever keep my nails done…until now!

In my single lady days, I used to go get manís and pedis all the time. I worked in an office environment so I had to look manicured. Acrylics were my thing and my nails always grew long and had strength. It’s something I do miss from those days and living closer to the city. It’s been three years now since I’ve been to a nail salon. Ken usually would save those days for Mother’s Day or my birthday. But I find myself having less and less of a desire to pay for those services, let alone make the long drive to go get them done. I find ways to pamper myself at home now, and absolutely love finding products that work for me in my environment.

With that said! I present to you, homesteading resistant manicures, in all it’s girl power glory, by Nailboo!

Have you ever heard of dip sets? It’s basically an at home kit where you dip your nails in powder, in the color of your choosing and voila! You have manicured nails! There is a base coat using a building powder, then the colored powder, then a top liquid coat adding a shine. You build your powdered layers as thick as you want them and it goes directly on top of your nails. No buffing, making your nails weak and no glues. Just coat, dip, and top coat!

The price is fair, especially if you catch them with a sale! In which I did! I’ve ordered more colors and essential liquids (base and top coat) so that I’m prepared for my at home manicure kit. All throughout their end of the year sale.

My first set was done right before Christmas. I literally hammered my thumbnail and the coat saved my nail from getting crushed. It took a hammer to crack it! I fixed our horse trailer lights with that set on too. I definitely did some work while wearing these.

Removing them is not an issue. The kit comes with clips you use to keep the acetone and a cotton ball on your nail until it’s ready to peel off.

I’ve had this new set on for a week now. The color is called Pink Lemonade. There are no chips yet and it’s still holding strong. I picked up our new goats, built them a shelter, have been dealing with Bonnie in the horse trailer, giving her all the head scratches she’s wanted, and doing my daily chores with no problems!

Look at my hands! They look pretty because of my nails 🤗
Bonnie is just too cute!

Im not trying to be vain, it feels nice to look at my hands and see a pretty color on my nails that is not chipping away. It makes me feel like a sophisticated lady, as if my life hadn’t changed drastically. As if there isn’t animal poop somewhere underneath there! 😂 I live on a small farm! The fact I can do this from home without leaving my homestead had me sold. I’m a DIY queen too so you know I had to try these out.

This isn’t a sponsored post! I’m just really overjoyed with these dip nails. I know plenty of women who do what I do! They are out taking care of animals and building things just like I am. I want to tell them that it is possible to look and feel pretty while also playing in the dirt.

We will see how these hold in the coming gardening season! I’ll report back then!

If this is something you’d be interested in trying out for yourselves, use this link to get $10 off your purchase!

Get $10 off Nailboo

By using this link, I will also get $10 off on my next purchase. I’m good for a while on my supplies and powdered colors. If I get enough of my friends to use the link I may just do a kit giveaway using the credits!

Would you like me to do a tutorial on how I do my dip manicure? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading my friends! Until next time, God Bless and stay safe!


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