I’m making bread y’all!

It’s Friday, the day I tidy up the house for the weekend. Daddy will be home, that means big breakfasts and a very messy kitchen, so it’s nice not having to worry about the rest of the house. He’s working Saturday, hopefully just a half day. Friday’s are also grocery days. He calls me while on his office supply run to get the list of bulk groceries we get. I tell him the things we need and he asks me if we need bread and I say “no, don’t buy any, I’m making some today”. I committed myself! With those words I committed myself to making the bread. What if he wants to make a PBJ sandwich or eat his eggs with toast this weekend only to find out I DIDNT make bread? He’d be bummed, and disappointed. SO IM BAKING BREAD TODAY! I’ve had this recipe for over a year I’m sure, and this is on the list of things I want to learn to make and do to help cut costs. The recipe makes two loaves. That’s plenty for the next week! I will update when it’s done!

Until the bread is done! Happy homesteading! 🙂



This was so easy and it’s delicious! I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it and make it faster like I do with our biscuits and pizza dough. I know those recipes by heart. I’m certain I will learn this one and get better with it just the same! Below are some pictures along the way and the results of the best white bread ever! Ok that last statement is only because it’s my first time and everything tastes better when you make it. Right? I’m sorry, I’m just REALLY excited that I made bread. Its the little things y’all!

Ken got me these pans a year ago and this is the first time I’m using them. I know I know! Sorry Ken! At this point I was a bit nervous it was going to overflow!Look at these beauties! Not bad for my first try huh? A little lopsided but who cares. And it toasts wonderfully!

A+ for this recipe! Thanks for looking!🙂

One thought on “I’m making bread y’all!

  1. Ali says:

    I LOVE making bread! I cheat a bit in a bread maker, but it means we can have a loaf every day, and I have a wide repertoire now – wholemeal, granary, seeded, raisin, rye… Did I mention I love bread?


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