Thank you for visiting Living on Love. I created this blog to share my life, passions, and the journey we are embarking on as a self reliant self sufficient family. I have always had a love for making things. I grew up watching my mother sew, my grandma and aunts visited us always with a bag of yarn in tow. So, naturally, I learned to crochet at a very young age, and had a peak interest in sewing. My mom still has the scraps of fabric with the hand embroidery I attempted to make and the piece of fabric I cut while she was making a shirt that I completely ruined in my good intention of helping her. I have memories of drawing flowers on white muslin and spending the whole day stitching. Flowers was the only thing I liked to draw and stitch, my love for flowers still lives today. I was no more than 5 years old, and she definitely helped bring out the craft’r in me.

Being a stay at home mom allows me to be creative. Before having our children we lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment which I managed to fill with all kinds of Pinterest diy decor. My husband really enjoys my craft time as we call it. It makes me happy. You know what they say. A happy wife equals a happy life :).

So, join me as I document this new life we are about to explore. Living surrounded by natures tranquility and benefiting on all the things nature has to offer to us, while doing the things we love, and our love for each other.

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