I said I wouldn’t, but I did

I can hear your snickering all the way over here in New Mexico! I know I said I wouldn’t, but I did it anyway. I got more goats AND we added sheep. BUT THIS IS IT! I PROMISE! Don’t hold your breathe on that though, because I promise you tomorrow if I find another great deal, chances are I’m going for it! We are growing our farm, that’s what our goal has been. 2020 was a great year for us as far as getting things rolling in the direction of self sufficiency. We will continue so in 2021!

To top it off, I added a few different Goat breeds to the mix, but that’s not the top that blew the cap off. That is the BUCK we just got! Not only is he a buck, but he’s a mini. I know I know! For one, I am not really sure he could even get these large ladies pregnant. We’ve decided that at the moment we just need babies to bring the girls into milk. I’m talking about the Nubians. We want them for their sweet delicious buttery milk and of course property management. I’ve had no luck finding a reasonably priced Nubian buck and we technically already have one. I tried finding a stud, but it’s going to cost just as much as purchasing one.

So what all did we get? A herd of Barbados sheep consisting of four ewes with their eight babies! A mini Nubian doe, an Alpine doe, a mini La Mancha doe that is pregnant and the mini Alpine/Nigerian buck.

This is Sugar the Alpine doe who is already trained to stand!
The mini buck and mini la mancha doe.

I was supposed to only purchase the Nubian, but they were in need of selling all of their livestock to move. They gave us a fair price we just couldn’t refuse. The rams will be sold when they get big enough. We will keep one of course. The mini buck I’m not sure we will want to keep. None of the girls are in season at the moment but I’ll keep him there and see what happens.

I am really excited about the Alpine doe though! She’s trained to stand for hand milking! She is super friendly too which is a plus.

The mini doe is also trained to stand, but she’s hard to catch. I’ll have to work with her on that. I know some goats are timid by nature and just don’t like to be touched.

This week I will be busy building more shelters for all of the goats. We just picked up another load of pallets and scrap wood that I can use. This is what I built for the sheep. I just need to cover the pallet on the end and a few spots on the back then it’s set. I absolutely love the fact that I can build these on my own. Now that I have the tractor, I don’t have to carry these heavy pallets anymore. These pallets are the heaviest kind and it can get tiring quick to carry them. Plus, if it’s windy like it was on this day, it’s impossible to carry them safely.

So we have a busy week ahead of us. I’ll try to get some more pictures of the babies. They are super skittish so it’s not going to be easy!

Until next time, God Bless!


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