Our Herd of Boer Does

This year we decided that Goats were going to be one of the livestock we raise. Even though goats can be a hand full, they thrive in our area. I used to have a battle the weeds mind set until I observed firsthand that there is almost no weed that grows that can escape the appetite of a goat. Ive embraced the weeds and now welcome their presence. I know, my team of girls will devour them, while also getting great nutrition. Of course I want lush green weed free pastures but that is not realistic right now. The wind carries and spreads seeds like mad. It will take years of regenerating this land before we have that. It is what it is and I should just take advantage of our current situation. Having the electric netting makes it possible to move our goats about. I am a bit nervous now that the herd is larger but they LOVE sweet feed. It seems to work great at luring them back if and when they stray.

So, I would like to introduce our newest gals on the farm!

Taco, Happy, and Snickers (named by our son Connor)


It’s taken them a week to become accustomed to our place, but they are so sweet and so teeny tiny in comparison to Joy and Butterscotch. Snickers is only 4 months old. Taco and Happy are 2 year olds that hopefully took to their breeding with a beautiful Dappled Boer Billy. I will be so happy if they are pregnant!

Joy, Taco, Happy & Snickers

Butterscotch has not yet integrated herself into the new herd. She’s very dominant and is a bit mean to them. But with time she will get used to them. How could you be mad at this face though?

I wish you could see how massive she looks next to our new girls.
Joy was quite bummed she wasn’t the center of attention anymore, but she’s come around. She’s such a pretty girl too!

I had such a wonderful time getting pics of these girls. I hope you enjoy looking at them because I was just floored at how cute their poses were!

Look at Happys smile! 😁
Yes! That is her teeth you see!

Even though Happy and Taco can jump over the electric netting, it has worked great for us keeping the pigs, mini horse and goats in. I’m quite pleased with it and will continue to purchase more panels to have on hand!

I apologize for the cuteness over load!

Until next time, God Bless!


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