Moving animals, plus two Goats

You read that right. We moved the goats and pony (mini horse) to a new patch, plus we have two new goats! I came across a fair deal for a wether and doe dairy goat who seems to be an older gal. They are both very friendly and very large. The goats probably weigh as much as the mini horse!

The Doe has an iodine deficiency which is why she has a lump on her neck (Goiter). I’ve already ordered her a supplement with a variety of minerals that goats sometimes lack. In our area, selenium is a mineral we have to supplement. We have a mineral block we observed them spending a lot of time licking. I’m hoping that helps until we get the new mineral supplement.

The old chicken coop is now our goat shelter. This Rubbermaid Shed has become quite handy on the farm! It has paid for itself for sure!

Butterscotch immediately tried to bully them only to be put in her place! I really hope they teach her to stop bullying!

They are a bonded pair. I think it’s really cute he is always looking out for her. I like the idea of having a male around to look after the girls without having a crazy Billy to deal with. I am hoping he will come around to the rest of the herd. They have lots of room so they shouldn’t bump heads too much. The doe does need to lose some weight. Watching her waddle is so cute but I bet she’s uncomfortable. She has room to run so I think it won’t be long before she trims down some.

The Boers we got not too long ago were kept in small areas as well and are just now starting to forage. We want to encourage them to eat from the land first. They are part of my land management crew! I remember when we first got Joy, she didn’t know what weeds to eat and would leave so many weeds behind. Butterscotch taught her though and now she has no problem going for the weeds.

Everyone is happy on their new half acre pen.

Ken accidentally purchased electric poultry netting but we kept it because we can still use it. We absolutely love the electric netting from Premier1supplies. It works great for our animals! It keeps them in and keeps predators out. It’s not stationary which allows us to move them every so often for new forage. We are very happy with how it works for us on our place. We were nervous it wouldn’t hold up to the wind, and at times we do need to reinforce it but again it goes back to the fact they are not permanent. If you know how to set them up they work fantastic.

Ken using zip ties to reinforce the posts that come with the netting.
We left an alley in between the pigs and goats to drive through.

We had a fun productive weekend. I picked up some more Alpacas manure from our friends! We will soon be working on putting up the greenhouses so we will need all the manure we can get to spread.

His and Her coffee

We also joined Precious and her boyfriend. It was a rough day for him but they are getting along today. Poor girl has been alone for quite some time. He is smaller but trust me he will get the job done!

She did terrorize him for a bit!

I wish we had a larger male but we don’t unfortunately. He will just have to do!

Until next time! God Bless!


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