Update on our Ducks

The ducks are all doing great. I haven’t gotten any eggs recently but that soon will change. Our new duck area has not been worked on. We’ve just been busy with so many other things, it’s not been priority. The area will need to be extended now that we know the Muscovy’s are quite the bullies. Sometimes I go outside to what looks like a massacre. Feathers are everywhere and I’m left confused when all the ducks are counted for. I started witnessing the Muscovy ducks terrorizing our Khaki Campbell females! So they will definitely need to be separated!

Our Spring hatchlings are so big!

All but one of my hatchlings grew up to be Drakes! My Muscovy’s ducklings were mostly female with only a few males. I sold one and kept the others. Next year I will have a nice flock to start selling ducklings and eggs from!

This is Daddy Duck. He’s our flocks father. Isn’t he a beauty?
Momma duck in the middle and our Khaki Drake in the back.

We lost one of our Pekín Drakes, probably to a battle! They are also very aggressive. But this Drake will have two females to himself. If I had to choose, I would only keep Rouens and Campbells. They seem to be better with each other than Pekín and Muscovy’s.

The original four!

My Muscovys are becoming a bit of a nuisance. As I mentioned before they attack my other ducks, they fly and get on my car and fly into the chicken coop to terrorize my chickens. I don’t want to clip their wings because right now they are loose and im guessing that would make them easier prey. I do enjoy having them, we just need to give them their own space.

So there’s a little update on our ducks! We will be processing some of the male hatchling drakes. I’m keeping one big male and the rest will go to the freezer. I’ll make sure to document that!

Until next time, God Bless!


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