Spring around the corner

It’s snowing as I write this. Still, Spring is around the corner! The birds are singing, when the weather is nice of course, and the bugs are slowly popping up. I. Cannot. Wait. This year, we are growing a garden. Something we didn’t do last year Spring time. We missed out on growing tomatoes and other warm weather plants. We tried tomatoes late summer but we ended up with only a handful of tomatoes total out of the 8 plants we got. We also didn’t start them from seed, they were purchased at Home Depot. The vegetables I started from seed were Radish, Sage, Basel, Parsley, Carrot, Spinach, Cabbage, Romaine Lettuce, Butter-crunch Lettuce, Cucumber and Crook-neck Squash. They did so well for us! The lettuce I just cut for continued harvest. We had so much lettuce and spinach! The Sage is still in the garden growing strong. The vegetable plants we bought at the store did great as well. We had Zucchini coming out of our ears. My husband doesn’t want me to plant so many zucchini plants this year! Hahaha! That’s how much Zucchini we were eating! The favorite dish I cooked was Ratatouille, my first time but I nailed it.

Its that time again to start new. I love it because everything is fresh and lively. Except the wind, the wind is terrible this time! Right before Spring and the beginning of the season is insanely windy. Its one of the things I’ve yet to get used to, that and the snakes. I guess it won’t be too bad when we have the wind turbine up and running creating energy for our home. Until then, it’s just annoying. My poor Ken has to deal with major allergies this time of year. Although, they are not as bad as last year. I should probably find him some local honey to help with the allergies.

One thing I’m looking forward to are the Purple Martins that nest in our barn. We actually started to tear the larger part of it that’s on a concrete pad. I’m hoping they will still nest in the well house or the other part of the barn. I’ll have to show you the progress on that. The birds are really neat though, I love hearing and seeing them! So neat! I think they have to be the best part of springtime. I’m such a nerd I know! 🤫

For now I’m sowing seeds, adding things to the chickens run/coop, focusing on the garden and cleaning up the mess the wind/pups make outside. We also have 10 Orpington chicks and 4 Khaki ducklings that we got about a month ago! Just today they graduated to a pen outside with a small brick house. Of course, they still have the heat lamp, and it was neat to see them nice and warm as the snow was coming down. I bet tomorrow it’s going to be nice and sunny for them to get out and explore. The plan is to make the ducks an entirely separate area away from the chickens. I would love to get more in the future!

I’d love to hear what you enjoy about Spring. Also, if you are on Instagram make sure to follow us @livingonloveblog!

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