Always something…

Wouldn’t it be boring if there wasn’t something new coming up in your day to day? It would be extremely boring especially when you don’t have any neighbors or people visiting you on occasion of which we have neither. Living here is a perfect blend of drama and adventure between our animals, wildlife and us making dumb mistakes. Our drama is so unlike other people’s drama, I know that. It also may seem like its not dramatic, but when you work on something and it gets destroyed, I don’t care who you are and where you live, that’s dramatic!

Like today, as I’m drinking my coffee I notice the animal that’s burrowing and making mounds of fresh dirt in the back is a Prairie Dog. I’m not too happy about having him as a neighbor. They are a nuisance in these parts and are everywhere, but I never thought they’d make it to us. Well I was wrong. After that I noticed all the new little wild birds around and got my first glimpse of a Purple Martin! I thought “aww, yayyy” when a minute ago I was thinking “oh shitttt”.  I get the kids out of bed, make breakfast, get them dressed and out the door to go do “stuff” outside. We feed the chickens and then as I passed the garden area I noticed I left the door slightly open and a big hole where my blueberry plant now once was. I almost lost it. I had been babying that thing for a year and a half just for me to mess up by leaving the door a bit open. I thought, no big deal, the chickens are up and the pups don’t ever go in there. Wrong! Again! I’m always harping on Ken because he is a bit absent minded and tends to leave things out or open. Actually, as I type this on our little lunch break, there is still a whole mess of trash outside I’ve been picking up since this morning from the pups and chickens getting into trash bags that Kens left out. I cant blame the pups nor the chickens. We just have to remember to close things or put things away. Just the other day Ken brought me 3 bags of potting soil and left them out thinking nothing of it. Well, the pups didn’t think anything of it either and wasted 3/4 of a bag and opened holes in the other two. Once again, you can’t leave nuffin out!


One thing I dislike about this place is just how ugly and messy things can look. The tumbleweeds coupled with the wind picking up trash from everywhere is horrid. We also have four spots on the property where there is old barbed wire piled up. I just finished picking up and winding the barbed wire from one spot in front of the house. One down! What an eye sore that was! Raking up the rest of the small trash once the wind slows down. Can you tell where the dogs have been digging? That big messy pile of tumbleweed and trash was actually a bundle of tangled wire. Where it came from? I have no idea!

I plan on using the barbed wire again for whatever else come up in the future. This place was a mess when we came here and it still is. Between Ken working all the time, the kids and my never ending house chores, the time we have to work outside is little to none. I’m really trying to change that though. Ive been working on being more firm with my kids so they actually listen to me when outside. They are doing much better. I cannot afford them to not listen to me when there is danger present. Which is why I’m spending any extra time and good weather to clean up. I want this place to be near perfectly clean so that it is easier to spot danger. I’m really hoping that our pups do a good job of either killing snakes or alerting us when there’s one around. I confess, its my biggest fear. Which is why Hera was so dear to me. She kept us safe. She actually searched for them. Achilles is a lot like her in so many ways. He has her smarts and is extremely protective.

I got some pictures of our Orpington chicks and Khaki ducklings today! They are getting so big. Also, you’ll notice we have a rogue hen. She is one of the feral ones I wasn’t able to clip so she flew out. I need to catch her when she goes to the nest to lay. Ive already picked up two of her eggs!

That’s a little bit of my drama and adventure for the day, and we are only half way through it. What kind of events do you call drama or adventures on your Homestead or home? Id love to hear them!

Until next time! Happy Homesteading!


2 thoughts on “Always something…

  1. Ali says:

    I loved this post. Have a real taste of the everyday realities and preoccupations. I applaud your efforts to collect waste and reuse it. Love your chickens!

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