Why we chose an electric Club Car over a fuel UTV

I patiently waited 3 years for this! We finally have a buggy to ride around on the homestead and I’m so relieved because this helps cut my chore time in half. It may seem a bit lazy, but when you have three children who tend to get into things they shouldn’t, it makes it possible to finish quicker. The kids also LOVE going for the ride! Also, we started to really branch out on our property, so walking while carrying buckets or bags of feed/hay is not ideal. Using the tractors is an option but our smaller tractor does not have a front end suspension, it’s a rod that I do not want to risk breaking while riding it on our bumpy terrain. Although, we still use it for work, but that’s slow work and much different than taking it down to the other end of the property quickly just to check on something.

Our budget initially was for a used gas or diesel powered UTV. After much consideration, I researched golf carts for use on the homestead and to my luck found this electric utility cart for less than half the price of a used, and probably abused UTV. I did not want to risk spending thousands on a used UTV that could have problems only to become a useless money pit. Some of the brands do not have easily available replacement parts. With them being used you can forget any warranty’s. Not to mention, the prices private sellers were asking for their used UTV’s were absolutely ridiculous in my honest opinion. Ken and I bumped heads on this, but I urged him to consider the reasons we are needing it. I found some YouTube videos of electric golf carts being loaded down with feed and it handling the task with no problem. Again, we are not off-roading nor utilizing it as a toy. This is a utility vehicle for the small farm.

I have to admit, I was nervous that it would disappoint. After having it for a week both Ken and I are extremely impressed and happy with our decision to go this route. The battery power is surprisingly great. I drove it 2 miles to go pick up our LGD from a neighbors house! He’s ran away twice because they have a group of females in heat. Needless to say he’s getting neutered next week. But the cart made it up our 100ft elevation climb. We live on the top of a hill! It handles our terrain very well and has descent speed. Definitely faster than any of our tractors AND QUIET.

I feel we got so lucky to find this particular model. It’s a utility version and has a dump bed. I think we got it at a very good price point too. The seller also provided us with warranty paperwork it has on its new batteries which is a plus! And it came with a new charger.

I think if you are wanting a utility vehicle for around the Homestead, take into consideration what it’s going to be utilized for, what kind of terrain it will be used on and most importantly what your budget is. This was by far more affordable than any used UTV we could find. For us, it is exactly what we needed.

I’ll keep you all updated on how this buggy works for us on the homestead. So far, we are impressed and have great things to say about it. Let’s see how it works for us in the long run!

Until next time, God Bless!


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