The new members of this family. Its like we adopted another set of fraternal twins. I swear. These brothers are so much like my twin boys its the most hilarious thing to watch. The mood around this house has been on the blue side, but its slowly transitioning thanks to them. Sometimes I forget that they’re even here because they are so quiet and reserved, clumsy yet gentle. This is our first time having this breed and they are nothing like what I grew up with. In the most wonderful way of course. My experience is with working breeds though, so I am confident they are going to fit right in. Countless hours went into researching this breed and then the rollercoaster of making the decision to go through with getting one. We had to wait a long time to find one, and when we did, there were these two, that my sweet husband just did not have the heart to separate. ❤ aww babe, thanks for thinking of me then 😛 Im totally kidding, but not, in a light hearted way 🙂 I love these guys and am so happy to have them. With Hera gone, we are going to have to do all the teaching we had counted on her to do. Oh Hera, how I wish you were here to help me girl. I foresee a lot of cleaning with these messy boys around!



Baths are useless with these boys…



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