We Made It!!!

Hi everyone! Well, to my small list of followers whom I appreciate greatly! It’s been a while since my last blog post and I’m so sorry about that, but things have been so hectic for the last couple of months. The move that we finally made, an unexpected accident that occurred that injured my husband and has now delayed all of our plans on renovating this house and getting our chicken coop and green house built. So, this is what we’ve done so far on the property………nothing. For now we are using the well house as a coop which I believe was used as a coop before. It’s big enough for them and so far they love it so much they pretty much stay in it for most of the day. They are not accustomed to the wide open space or the wind either, and every time a crow flies by they run for cover thinking its a predator. It’s quite entertaining to watch but I’m also easily entertained. Poor chickens didn’t know what to make of this new territory coming from Texas. With 2 Roosters and 8 Hens I think we are off to a good start and I’m so excited they already started to lay eggs. Two of my girls have already given me 6 eggs which by the way I left for them to hatch. There is one Hen that my dad has owned for 5 years or so, she is small but she hatches all of her eggs and as a matter of fact 3 of my Hens are hers. I am so excited to see her hatch some more chicks for us! Yes, yes, I am excited about chickens, It’s the simple things that get me all giddy. I am excited to save money on eggs! Have you seen how much a dozen of pasture raised eggs costs? We don’t really eat meat in our home, so we don’t plan on butchering any of our chickens. With two nice big Roosters I also don’t see the need in keeping any more roosters that will hatch. Those I plan on selling or butchering for dog food. Yes, we now have five dogs! I honestly feel so much more safer with them here. The amount of coyotes we hear howling from every direction is pretty scary. We’ve also been told that mountain lions are not rare in these parts, so yes I am totally happy having five dogs, but unfortunately two of them like to kill chickens, so yeah. Oh the joys of having animals!

Back to our plans! If and when we get to it we want to make an enclosure for our girls that connects to the coop/well house so that they are 100% safe from predators including our disobedient rebel dogs. The well house is so ugly right now I’m embarrassed for them, but I will make it pretty and fully functional for them and you will get to see the progress!

I really am so happy we are finally here. FINALLY! We made it! We did it! The calmness here is sometimes frightening, like there is nothing going on in the world. It’s everything I hoped it would be! I love waking up and watching the sunrise, opening my front door to see the mountains with perfect clouds hovering over them, feeling the cool wind, seeing every star in the night sky and my most favorite thing of all seeing wildlife. Now my husband just needs to recover from his injury and I will keep doing my best to get little things here and there started like the chicken coop and getting a small garden started. One thing at a time and baby steps is what I keep telling myself!

Until next time!


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