Our move to beautiful New Mexico

Here’s the scoop on how we got to New Mexico. I am from Texas. Born there, but I have lived in many places and ended up back there. My whole family is in Texas. Anyone who has lived there will tell you how beautiful of a country…I mean state it is. I LOVE Texas. I miss Texas. I never in my life thought I would leave Texas. I thought I was going to live there forever but, sometimes life has other plans for you and you just have to trust the path and the doors it opens up for you. Like I stated in my last post, my husband has a wonderful job. He loves his job. He is so enthusiastic and his dedication to his work paid off because it wasn’t long before he was offered a promotion. A big promotion that would change our lives completely but definitely for the better. It involved moving away from every one and everything I know but I was more than willing to follow my husband so that he could better his career and make all our hopes and dreams come true. I love the man. Since day one I promised him this. I would follow him wherever he needed to go, I would never leave his side, and I would support him in everything he does. I encourage him every morning before he walks out the door to have a wonderful day and do his best. Which he does, he is successful in his line of work and I could not be more proud of him. Anyway, I am starting to rant and rave on my man…sorry, I just love him so much! 🙂 So, he was asked if he wanted to take this position in Albuquerque, New Mexico and after a visit to the location with very much deserved first class treatment we made the decision to make the move. I was so excited from day one, even before he took the trip to visit and see what it was all about I was already preparing myself for him to ask me if I was willing to do it. It was not a hard decision for me at all. I love to travel and I figured this would be a wonderful experience. I love new places, adventures, and new beginnings.

How did we move? Well, let me go back to before my husband got promoted. We had been living in a one bedroom apartment in a not so great area but very convenient area. It was central to everything. My job, his job, my family, friends. Then I found out I was pregnant and I did not want to renew our lease. So, we moved in with my dad temporarily while we waited for our daughters arrival and we figured out what we wanted to do as far as housing went. One day watching NetFlix documentaries I came across a film about Tiny Home Living. I watched it and was so intrigued by it. I loved the freedom those people got from living in those tiny homes. They just seemed so happy and stress free so, I had Ken watch it and he was also very interested in the idea. We already had planned on buying land and living the simple life so we got really into researching it more with the thought it would help us get there. After doing our research we found a lot of people actually live in RV’s. Another form of simple living. Whether they do it because they want to travel and have the freedom to go wherever they so please, or they do it because its a form of living cheaply to save for something permanent, whatever the reasons, it sounded fun to us. After some more research and many nights talking about it we made the move and bought us an RV. We bought what people call a FEMA trailer, 40 feet long with a 3×12 foot slide out, completely gutted it and remodeled the interior, and made it cute as a button. I will have to make a whole other post about that process! I really love what we did with it. Its our own mobile tiny house we can take anywhere and living here has allowed us to make the move to New Mexico, save money to purchase our dream land, live debt free, live minimally without clutter, and keep us financially stress free. Who knows what would have happened if we had not decided to try out the RV and Tiny Home life. Maybe it would have affected our decision in us moving and we would not be able to realize the dream of having land. Lets face it, Texas real estate is pricey. We are far from rich, and I was not about to let us get into debt with my husband being the only one able to provide, assuring me all the more that this move was meant to be.

So expect to see posts about how we made living in the RV work. How I became the queen of de-cluttering, organizing, and creative storage solutions.

Now, take a look at how beautiful New Mexico is. We did some major traveling before the twins arrived, and I am so happy we took the time to go sight seeing because the views are spectacular and absolutely breath taking. It truly is the Land of Enchantment.

Photos were taken by yours truly 😉



New Mexico skies are gorgeous


Wild horses on an Indian reservation

Wild horses on an Indian Reservation


Art in Chimayo, New Mexico

IMG_9597 IMG_9599 IMG_0879 IMG_0911 IMG_1074

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