Precious is bred!

You read that right! On New Year’s Day I witnessed the miracle of conception between two pigs. Ok, it may not be a miracle but close to it! Our boy is so much smaller than her that it will be a miracle if she is bred. I watched him successfully mount her though so I’m pretty sure we are good to go. Time will tell!

He’s doing pretty good with her as you can see. She isn’t mean to him and likes his company. He still needs to put on a bit more weight so we feed them both in multiple spots to give him a chance to eat. She is so much faster at guzzling food than him! I stopped giving them wet foods because for one it would freeze, and two she eats it quicker than him. I mean it when I say she guzzles it down!

We are so ready to have piglets on the homestead! I have “heating pad” on my list of things to have purchased before any of our sows drop piglets! And we hope that our barn will be built by then too!

It’s marked on my calendar. Around April 25th, if she took, we will have piglets!

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Until next time, God Bless!


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