Aries is back!

We are so happy to announce our polar bear Aries is back alongside Achilles guarding the property! After a year of separation from his brother due to territorial dominance and females and him constantly running away to a neighbors place because of it. WE ARE FINALLY BACK TO NORMAL!

I really thought they would be done with each other forever. I had them both neutered and all of our females spayed so there would be no more issues. Seeing them hang out together like when they were pups makes my heart swell.

You can bet that we will never keep intact GP males unless we ever decide to breed. I don’t see that happening for us in the near future! We have so much going on, I’d rather focus on our farm animals instead. This has been such a long and stressful ordeal. I felt horrible for Aries when he was kenneled. He deserved to have his own space which we were working on providing for him. I even tried listing up for adoption with no takers. He is a good guardian, just a bit clumsy, but good!

Achilles seems to enjoy his company much more now that there are no male hormones present. I am just so happy for the both of them! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they continue to be friendly with each other!

Until next time, God Bless.


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