Sewing area

I haven’t shared a lot about my favorite past time! Its something I really love to do when I’m not having to do chores, or postponing my chores to do it. I grew up watching my mom sew, and she also pretty much made all of our dresses and her clothes. She’s a craftswoman through and through. She can do anything! Crochet, cross stitch, embroidery, sew, you name it! My dad is also a crafty man. He used to upholster, owned a sewing factory (where he met my mom) so he obviously knows how to sew, he did his own taxidermy and probably a list of other things I have no idea about. What can I say, its in my blood! My husband has supported my hobby, made it more of an addiction really. He thinks its a useful skill to have as a homesteader. What if tomorrow we couldn’t just go to the store and purchase our clothes? Or what if we are in a financial rut and we need to fix the clothes we have? He always encourages me to buy fabric. Obviously he loves me, and wants nothing more than for me to be happy. 😉

So he built me the craft desk, a closet for fabric storage, put up wire rack hardware for wire drawers and put up my pegboard! Isn’t he amazing? He’s mine though! haha! My sewing machine desk has a leaf that I can bring up which creates a large work area, its actually a quilting desk. My husband built the craft desk to the exact height so I can roll my sewing table and place it side by side for an even larger work space. You’ll see that in the pics below!

Ken made this happen! An area for ME. An area that is MINE. Where I can be ME all over again. The creative little crafter that I was meant to be.

So I share with you the Sewing Area!img_9270

This is what it was like before the pegboard and a few other changes, but you can see how I rolled out my sewing machine desk and coupled it with the craft desk. I was quilting a Star Wars quilt I made for my husband! IMG_3775The pegboard is not staying this way. I plan on covering it with a pretty floral fabric using the starch fabric “wallpaper” method. Then, using an exacto knife I will punch the holes I need for the pegs being used.img_9139-1

This was my test piece. Stay tuned for that blog post!img_9145

You can see some of my fabric stash here!6241724320_img_2092              I use these comic book storage boards as mini bolts to organize my fabric stash neatly. I have A LOT of bulk fabric, so I get the large cardboard bolts for free at my local Walmart. They throw them away anyway so anytime I am there I check the fabric section and ask if I can have their trash! They never say no 🙂6241724320_img_2106   Neatly stashed!


Its far from complete in my eyes. I want a new chair since I’ve had this one for almost six years now! A few other small things, Im still not finished placing stuff where I want them so they aren’t necessarilly organized yet.

Did Ken do a good job putting this together for me and building the craft desk? Just a side note, this area was once a long closet so my sewing area is in our master bedroom tucked in this corner. It really doesn’t take much space at all. We have a queen sized bed and a full sofa in our bedroom! We have a large bathroom and huge walk-in closet in our master also that I can’t wait to share.

Our room is huge and I love my husband for giving me my own space! Thanks babe!

Until next time, God Bless!

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