Backyard Haven

I am so excited for all of our projects. Sometimes it feels like we dont really get much done around here. Then, we have weekends where we knock out big projects! Just like that, we accomplish something we thought would never get done. Its a great feeling! Another thing that warms my heart and soul is how my husband and I work together. He tells me all the time that we can accomplish so much when we put our minds and hearts into it. He is right about that! Last week we talked about things that needed to be done. One of the things was our backyard fence. After he expressed how important it was to him, I decided I’d help him get the ball rolling. Im in a lot of local buy/sell groups on Facebook and remembered there was a gentleman who’s always advertising his Tractor service. All it took was a quick call, then scheduled a date and time for him to dig the post holes with his auger. This dirt here is pretty hard and we didnt think our little 2 cycle auger could pull it off. In less than twenty minutes he was done. That was Saturday. Sunday morning I made a quick breakfast for our family and then went to work alongside Ken.

First, he poured a bag of QuickCrete in each post hole.

We needed the posts to go down 24 inches so that they would be 5 feet tall. I then poured a gallon of water into 3 holes at a time. It was time to start setting the posts! The QuickCrete sets FAST. No mixing, just pour the water in! Easy!

The first two posts we set were kind of a pain. Like everything else, we needed to get the hang of it and make a template for placing them at an exact distance from each other. We used some trim that was not in good shape, cut it to the length we needed and used that.

Once we got it down, things moved quickly! The posts then had to set, which didn’t take but a couple of hours.

You can see our template there at the bottom. Lucky for us, our T post driver fit these posts so we could drive them further in the ground if needed.

To our surprise, the panels were easy to install! They have tabs that go into the bottom and top horizontal tubes and those get screwed into the posts. Four screws per panel. We only had to use the saws-all a few times to cut less than an inch when a panel didn’t fit. We did a pretty good job setting our posts to the exact measurement of the panels. We expected to have that problem but we were surprised there weren’t many!

There’s about an acre that looks like this. Nothing but weeds and dirt. Its because this area was bulldozed to put the house. To the right of that propane tank was a foundation for the old home that was here. It was taken off the property and those that moved it kind of made a mess. There were piles of dirt that needed to be spread. Two years later and it looks so bad from the weeds. Next spring we will till the ground and plant some grass. It may be hard to imagine but its going to look good! Promise! We may even start before Spring! I know im ready to turn this into my little backyard haven! The garden is in the front, and it has been such a pleasure having. I love going out there to just gaze upon my little garden of Eden. Its soothes my soul! Therefore I would love to have the same back here with flowers and a couple of shade trees. I can see it already.

I know it can be hard to imagine BUT stick with us and we will show you! Its actually hilarious that to the left of the old buildings you see the land is nothing but green pasture! But our yard looks a mess! 😂

his area where the old foundation was we will bring dirt to fill it. Ive cleaned up about half of the bricks that were there. There were so many! I envision a carport/metal building. The gate will be somewhere in the middle there. The tree has a U drive way around it so I think whatever we put there should face the driveway.

It felt so good to finish this! I remember when my husband bought the fence and brought it home, I thought, when are we ever going to get this installed! When you change your attitude to the positive side its amazing what you can accomplish! And thats what we will continue to do.😊

Until next time! God bless!


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