It can be rough…

Living out here is no joke. It can be rough at times, can get lonely, be boring. I can admit that sometimes I don’t want to be here. But then I think about my options, and it changes my perspective. I remind myself why I am here, how much I really love it compared to those other options. When Im bored, I find something to do. There is plenty of that around here. Clean the chicken coop, pick up demo debris, work on the garden, the list can go on and on. Heres the problem, organizing the list of to do’s, getting a handle of what to do and when to do it. Ill be the first to admit and say that motivation is hard to find. Even when you have your goals all written down or laid out, it is still a struggle. Or maybe its just me? I don’t know. One thing I do know is, I am constantly working on myself, trying to get better at managing our home and the homestead. No one said this was going to be easy, and for now its going to be rough. Until we reach our goals and my husband can be here everyday to live the life we want, this is what I have to work with. Right now it just seems like we can never get anything done, and that can be discouraging. Time waits for no one, that saying couldn’t be any truer.

So, this is a short post, because I don’t have much else to tell but I definitely want to document the ups and downs of this journey.

Today we had the first set of chicks hatch of 2017. The day before yesterday our dog successfully killed another rattlesnake without being bit. Hallelujah! I haven’t seen any snakes and I probably have her to thank. So thank you Hera! We have been witnessing some amazing sunsets here, and they are a reminder of how much I love this place, and why we chose to be here to begin with. Here are some shots I’ve taken with my new camera that Im really enjoying having! Until next time, God bless!



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